• thx for the writeup
    here is a 27 nash (seems to be an upper model as rumble seat is more) for 8k but really unsure as STILL need to put money into herneeds everything, not running, wood is barely good for patterns, etc. … rare but… hard to find parts and not driving right away

    or this 16 ford "racer"… someones project unfinished, no wood frame for the steel so looks like yet another project but 5k anyone have comments, advice on the "older" cars

    image src=" s53.photobucket.com/user/suzique565/media/nash%201_zpsln5vgqxh.jpg.html" width="400px"/


  • Actually, Star, made by the Durant Motor Company is an important part of auto history. It was the first company to make a factory station wagon as opposed to supplying a chassis for a custom build. The Speedster was made from parts supplied by several companies and featured either a 4 cyl. or 6 cyl. Continental engine. 1928 was the last year for the Star. Exported to England, it was called the Rugby because England had a Star brand. The grill shell emblem alone is worth several hundred dollars.

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