• A buddy in OKC just bought a black 500SL with just over 100K miles for $4K! Definitely the buy of the year. Bought it from the shop that did his service work on his other MB's. Now, the trick is not to spend a dime on it and just drive it and enjoy it.

  • A real summer car is one that will give you a fun ride, but may leave you by the side of the road – but that's okay since it's summertime. ebay.com/itm/1975-Triumph-TR-6-/162552981704?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368

    And please, with all due respect to the illustrious author and this great site, let's all try to outlaw the word "irregardless", just use "regardless". We live in a society.

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