• Great choice with the STI, had an '04 for a year and the mpg was 21 maybe 23 and even trying best I could it wasn't ever any better than that. Awesome car and that 6speed transmission is just incredible, makes the car pull like a train in any gear and transforms the car from basic WRX into a super sonic demon of a car.

    • "Everything is Stock". Well, maybe now but according to the pictures, not in the past. I would go with the V70R but that's just me. AWD 6speed Wagon. Yes.

  • Not a Saturn. 🙂

    3 years ago I'd have said E28 M5, but it looks like the prices have gone up. Mazdaspeed 6 ticks most of your boxes, but isn't a wagon/hatch. 6 Cylinder E39 wagon can fit all your criteria, but you'd need a later one with the 3 liter to get above 200 horsepower. In a couple years the E61 wagon should easily fit your budget (not that it can't now), and can be had with the twin turbo engine, which by all accounts is incredible.

    • He said "reliable" not "needs to be maintained by an enthusiast ASE certified mechanic but driven by your grandmother from new in order to be dependable past 60k miles".

      Pantloads of fun, and super fast / safe but not reliable.

      Sincerely, the former owner of 2x 2005+ Legacy 2.5 GT Wagons.

  • How about a '06-'07 MazdaSpeed6? Not a hatchback but an easy mod to allow rear seat to fold. 274hp, 280ft lbs. Best of all, if you're over 26 you don't have to be embarrassed to driving a boy-racer looking STI or Evo to a clients' business. Pretty easy mods to the turbo 2.3 Direct Injected engine, though not as compared to the STI/Evo communities. Stability control sensor included yaw control unlike other Mazda cars. and many other mods. Mazda was shooting for the BMW driver w/ the car. Has AWD unlike the MazdaSeed3 and comes stock w/o the slightly detuned state of the Speed3 due to torque steer challenges. Low 20's MPG not a problem, higher on the highway.

    • Mazda actually made three body styles of the regular 6. Including a 5-door hatchback. It looks so much like the sedan that you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference unless you knew what to look for. Of course they also made a full wagon, but finding one with a manual is difficult. Of course the non-speed 6 fails the RWD or AWD criterion but hey, you can't have it all.

      Unless you buy a B5.5 Passat wagon with the W8, 4Motion, and a 6-spd manual. They exist!

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