• Bullitt Torque Thrust, black centers
    [image src=" cdn.corvetteonline.com/files/2012/02/3550516308_aac38d8ede.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • Looks like they swapped in the Mustang steering wheel and gauges. Top needs replacing, and those hideous wheels need to go. Finally, I'd get a screwdriver, and pry off the silly cobra badge on the trunklid. All that said, where else are you going to find a running, cobra-engined anything for this price?

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  • Wow, when I saw the title that inferred a 70's Benz with a Mustang powerplant, I thought "just another ho-hum late 80's EFI 302 w/AOD". Must have taken a ton of work to get this engine/drivetrain in and functioning seamlessly.

  • "This would be the equivalent of taking the beautifully shaped Messerschmidt ME-109 and throwing out the German engine for a V-12 Packard V-1650-7 from a P-51 Mustang. Or transplanting the Rolls-Royce Merlin on which the Packard was based into the Messerschmidt. Such things are not done. Ever."

    Nice comment bait with reference to the Hispano Aviation HA-1112-M1L, the post WWII iteration of the famous Messerschmitt Bf109. At least this one's a sleeper, unlike the ungainly profile change with the 1112. Even weirder to see one flying in mock dogfights with Mustangs and Spitfires using the same engine, with all combatants sounding the same as they pass.

    • kind of how i imagine LeMons races (nope, never) with all the Volvo, Porsche, Miata, Corvair, etc, LS1 swaps rumbling by – and a Saab with two of them

    • Yeah the Flying Heritage Collection a few miles north of where I live, has a bf109 with its original Daimler Benz and a P-51 – both are regularly flown in the summer. They sound quite different when they fly them.

  • I'd be interested in seeing more pictures of the front suspension modifications. From the one picture shown, the A-Arm appears to b shifted ~1/2" inboard, perhaps to try to adjust for the wonky steering due to the Mustang(?) steering rack being way too wide? With the rack extending so far past the pivot point of the A-Arm, the turning radius and/or suspension travel at full lock must be severely limited. If I'm wrong, show me: I'd love to put a rack and pinion under mine! If I'm right, buyer beware…

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