• The no name aluminum block V8 4 speed automatic transmission with AC just screams (whimpers?) Cadillac HT4100 which makes about as much power as a built VW. It would be a lot more interesting to know what engine was in this lovely looking car.

  • Perfect candidate for an electric car. That way, you wouldn't have to slice and dice (and punch holes in) the beautiful rear window.

    I get why they did it– Bruce McLaren hadn't worked out the cooling issues on the M6GT before he died at Goodwood.

    Speaking of which, cause of Bruce's death was due, in part, to the rear lid of his M8 flying up and the car losing control. So… might make a whole lot of sense to reverse engineer the back lid on this to open differently.

    Other that that, looks like a decent job. Always hard to tell if these were the Montages built on VW frames, or the rare Montage "T", which was a separate model, and had a different frame out back.

    -Stan (who owns a Montage)

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