• This would have been perfect back when I was considering these. With the tow package they're good to haul a lightweight racecar on an open trailer. I'd love to drag around a lotus/Miata/Formula Ford/vintage British roadster with one of these.

  • Don't know if I've ever seen one in black with wood delete before. Or even *with* wood for that matter. Could be it's been painted. Still and all, at 98k miles, that's a good price if it checks out OK. KBZ provisionally approves, just exercise standard reasonable caution.

  • my wife owned one of these: great if you have lots of kids and dogs and stuff… but i will never again buy an east coast car, since the rust monster always hides under new paint and undercoat (sellers are smart enough not to tell you that stuff)

  • In all sincerity, I have zero idea why some peeps drool over these cars.

    Is it the "it is so ugly it is kinda' cute" attraction dynamic?

    • It's the last body-on-frame RWD American V8 station wagon. Aesthetics are a matter of opinion but if you want the final iteration of that formula, this is it.

      DT head honcho Vince has one, a blue non-wood version with an LT1. Used to belong to Kaibeezy. I've driven it and understand the appeal. It's a great cruiser, cheap to operate, practical for a family with multitudes of offspring (like Vince's) and it's quirky compared to your typical boring crossover or minivan.

      If you want the ultimate body-on-frame RWD V8 American car, then the 2003+ Ford Crown Vic P71 Police Interceptor is the way to go. Acceleration and handling far superior to the Roadmaster. But no wagon of course.

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