• Found this one on the East Coast, asking $13k. Drivers seat looks to be in much better shape.

  • So far as the coolant expansion tank leaking, many of those leaks are owner caused by putting undiluted BMW coolant in the car. It need to be diluted 1:1 with water. It wouldn't be a BMW if it accepted regular water. It needs to be distilled water.

  • Salvage title? Never bothered me if the price is right
    Shredded drivers seat? I have bought more BMWs that need a driver seat than BMWs that don't. I'm back in Florida and there's a local salvage yard that has one of these
    looks like tons of fun and priced right so you could still beat on it and not feel too bad. These are so nice to drive. If I ever pass my current BMW to my son (21yo this year) I have considered one of these as a replacement. I'm still not sold on the SMG but choices are becoming increasingly limited Mike comes to an actual manual gearbox

    • Jalopnik did an article on what it takes to convert one of these from SMG to pure manual. Turns out it's a bolt-on affair for the most part, and the gearbox itself is exactly the same. SMG adds a bunch of controls and actuation but the spinny mechanical bits don't have to be changed out.

      I can vouch for the rapidity of this particular example; seller is a friend of DT and I've ridden in the back seat a few times and feared for my life.

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