• Actually, Anon, these weren't the sister car to the Lincoln LS; the Jag sibling to the LS was the S-Type.
      I honestly had never heard of the X-Type as being front-wheel drive in any trim level, as Ford wanted to differentiate the Jag version from its siblings as much as possible, and to give it some rear-wheel bias to maintain the feel of a "real" Jaguar.

    • This model is an AWD car: at least, it's sporting the correct badge identifying itself as one on the trunklid just beneath the X-Type badge.

  • I had an early X-type that I bought salvage. The interior was slashed by, I assume, a disgruntled acquaintance. I replaced the interior for a totaled car and sold off the spares net cost about $50. Mine was the 3.0 V6 with AWD. It blazed thru the snow. I spent more time buying parts from the Ford dealer than the Jag dealer, had no trouble at the speedy oil change shops (the filter was a Taurus part), Jaguar even replaced a transmission under recall (even though it worked fine). I loved that car and sold it for about $2000 under what I had in her making it the lowest cost of ownership car for me ever! I never got over how many people commented on the looks and thought it was a very expensive car. Oooo a Jaguar!!

  • A buddy of mine had one he beat on all his cars wasn't too long before the tranny was out, i always liked this body style but scared of the upkeep.

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