• Wow, that thing is a real time capsule and the seller isn't asking stupid money for it.The V8 is a bonus but it is probably only a 255 cubic inch model.

  • remember this is the fairmont/zephyr platform which equals fox body!!… so great sleeper conversion with mustang parts

  • "I believe the paint is the original light spruce green, It was recently buffed and clear-coat applied."

    What in the world? Why????

  • Actually that is a good deal on what is becoming a slightly desirable range of cars (any of the Fox-body sedans, and especially the wagons). These are reasonably fun to drive, and a real pleasure to work on (I mean that!). Plus of course any Mustang stuff from the era is bolt-on.

  • Just had a plate of shrimp here. Clicked on this article while listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven right at that bit where they sort of go into Amazing Grace. Weird!

  • When the Granada first came out, I was 5 years old and I recall riding in one with my Mom and how happy she was. Ok, I didn't know it was a Granada at the time, but she later told me that her car was in the shop and she didn't have the money to get a newer/nicer car at the time, so a friend loaned my Mom her car for a few days. She was beside herself, intoxicated by the luxury, LOL. The thing is, the car she had that was in the shop was a Karmann Ghia, which had next to no amenities, but in hindsight I totally prefer the VW.

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