• Now yer talkin', DT! In my case, I will take a slightly different slant, with the same goal:

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  • Some weird trivia for you based on the license plate. Kalispell was the 7th largest city when Montana started issuing license plates. The first number indicates rank at that point in time. They wanted to change at some point, but Butte (who was #1 at the beginning) threw a fit and so they kept the original numbers.

    Also Montana uses very little salt on the roads and it is pretty dry up here, so old cars tend to not be as covered in rust as you would expect.

  • They make these tracks right up the road from where I live. You don't see them on vehicles very often as it isn't that practical. Mostly light stuff like Jeeps or late model Chevy trackers. In any case the tracks are always worth more than what's riding on them. The sets for heavy vehicles are crazy $$$. Very common to see on UTVs/quads then you have one off-road vehicle for both seasons. Every once in awhile the company will raffle off a test vehicle for charity.

    • Worked in the high arctic for a bit and these were used on F350 Crew Cabs for winter transport. Pretty mean looking setup.

  • A few people additionally believe that the name for this multi reason vehicle originated from a character in Thimble Theater funny cartoon Popeye, the character is known as Eugene the Jeep. car dealerships near me

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