• Man, it's a little early for the Halloween "horror-rod" posts, isn't it? These are all equally terrifying. I'd probably pick the Mercedes because of parts availability.

    • I'm with you there. The Mercedes is probably the least scary, but all four scream "Mechanic's boat payment."

      With the Phaeton, though, I'll admit I'd be tempted to buy it just so I could put Passat badges on it and see if anybody realizes what it is.

  • Every one of these automotive sirens has passed its design lifetime. I love the A8, but mine started to almost literally come apart after 80,000 miles, and only lived as long as it did because I found an independent mechanic who was a magician with the thing. The Phaeton is a cool car, but some of the parts for the thing will be unobtainable. The Mercedes might be the best bet due to mileage and easier parts access, but you can find AMGs for this kind of money if you keep looking, and I would start there.

  • The VW is, IMO, the most comfortable of the four choices. But, with so few qualified shops around to work on this car, I'd have to pass on that one, even if it had a solid service history.

    The M-B would probably be the smarter choice. They had got rid of the nonsensical "bio-degradable" wiring crap by then, and were back to being a nice, reliable car. If the service history were complete and reliable, I think that would be a solid choice for a daily driver in this age of $25K "base" package Korean and Japanese cars.

  • First off: Audi…? No. Because Audi.
    The Bimmer has no shot here either. Why? Are you kidding?? How many of these ads do you need to see before accepting the fact that these are total crap that only still change hands for ever-reducing sums in order to validate the wannabes’ personal bling factor…while perpetually parked unceremoniously due to a transmission that was apparently built solely to remind people how stupid we are?
    The Phaeton…Oh my God…don’t get me started. Four pennies for every MSRP dollar sounds about right for the average example of a megalomaniac’s personal attempt at paradigm-shifting…until you realize that, yeah, paradigm shifting is hard freaking work for about an Avogadro’s worth of reasons and not even Herr Skeletor cracking double fisted whips on his People’s Car minions can bend space time/resurface the Titanic/get my son to eat Brussel sprouts/build a reliable luxury VW because these are all impossible things. Autodom is rife with examples of “one man’s vision” that had goals ranging from changing the world to beating your own path and Peich’s ambitious pet project certainly was better funded than most. But all I know is that when my dad was a line mechanic working on VWs every day, he sure as hell didn’t come home after 16 hour days to put me on his lap and regale me with tales of how reliably luxurious they were. No, his torn up hands and perpetually aching joints told a different story altogether. Pass.

    Which leaves the car that we all knew would win this snail race to the bottom. Seriously, is there a more hilarious question to ask a group of bargain-hunting jalopy-junkie motorhead-masochists than which of the following money pits would you least wish to avoid for fear of defunding your 401k for the duration of your ownership? Answer: gotta be Mercedes. Dad is an M-B shop foreman for years now and says that, as long as you can keep the computers talking the same language, these are pretty solid and parts are easy to come by. This particular color isn’t quite my jam but, like the man said, these were made in pretty large numbers so finding the right one online could likely be accomplished before you finished up in the bathroom after reading this.

    Don’t forget to wash your hands.

  • I am not sure that I agree with the comments about the 2002 Mercedes S class? Did MB have the problem with rust due to the poor paint quality figured out yet? And that is the time the MB bean counters were busy buying up Chrysler and not paying attention to MB quality?

    • True, but he S always gets the most attention at Benz. Plus, in this competitive(?) field, the M-B takes the win even with their Daimler-Chrysler woes.

  • Gee you can get a V12 Mercedes for that price, and a BMW V12 750i/750iL for about half. Granted the W12 Phaeton is a bit more pricey but not much. If you are going to throw caution to the wind why not go for a tornado of trouble?
    Why settle for the high wire of German car ownership when you can go all in walking that high wire over a pit of flaming Lamborghinis* backwards wearing greased snowshoes and a hazmat suit full of yellowjackets.

    I mean, really! This seems almost sensible.

    *Flaming Ferrari’s would fit my alliterative affinities but just look at all those burning Lamborghinis!

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