• What I would have asked Patrick Dempsey: "Did you buy the Targa before or after it became cool? Was that before or after *you* were cool?"

    • Yeah, I mean, for God's sake, Wikipedia lists him as 'actor and race car driver'.

      There are actors who take their money and go do what they want to do, and that's a good thing.

      And then there are actors who take their money and start spewing nonsense, like the DiCaprio global-warming-from-the-airstair-of-his-Gulfstream bullsh…uh.

    • apparently aka PDork to some racing fans who think he's a wannabe doing it as a PR stunt, while others admire his effort, commitment and hard-won modest success – anyhoo, he's off the circuit this year – Patrick Dempsey Unlikely to Drive in 2016

  • Once they became freaking "P-Cars" all I have left are photos and old speeding tickets.

    Patrick Dempsey seems less "douchey" than it may be assumed. He is a real deal racer more in he Newman lineage than some rich-boy asshole.

    He is accessible to fans when he races at Lime Rock. I know because both my 20 something daughters had a sudden interest in attending the races he appeared in.

    I just thought they liked racing after being dragged to many of them over the years. Nope.

  • I am so depressed! Having just sold my '70 sunroof T after 15 years of ownership I couldn't fact the overwhelming presence of so many lucky folks…..it was like every front end was laughing at me! Having had both an early soft window Targa and my sunroof T I count myself lucky to have had a shot at early 911's….damn good for your soul though now you'll have to have a bit more coin that before….damn

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