• Astro vans are really a great platform for all manner of cool modifications. Besides the V8 swaps, the AWD trans/transfer case can be swapped with parts from a V6 4WD S10 Blazer pretty easily. True 4WD with a low range transfer case. As a VW bus guy for decades and the current owner of both a 1970 VW camper and a '88 Vanagon, these things are way more practical as a platform than old, expensive, fragile VW vans.

    As it turns out, I have one now as well…. But mine's a Provan Tiger GT. Motorhome on a Astro platform. Drivetrain is still stock, but this stuff is pretty tempting.

  • The core AWD components from this were also used in the GMC Syclone/Typhoon platforms, with thicker swaybars and stiffer shocks/spring added + the tranny used in the SyTy's was from the Corvette. Unless you were putting out seriously modded HP I hear the components were quite durable stock.

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