• The car sounds like fun, but "does not have heat, a/c or wipers" – WTF!?! Are there actually places where there are no inspections on transfer, that would allow you to register a car with no wipers? When I read that, I assumed the car would be for sale in some place like Arizona, but Rhode Island?

    • CA has no inspection for road-worthiness other than a smog test. No wipers, no tailights, no bumpers, no problem. 1 ppm over arbitrary NOx limit — NO CAR FOR YOU!

  • Found this one locally for $500. I have worked on the ol' tpi motors before, fairly simple.
    I like that it has a hardtop as well
    Joe Dirt Cheap Vette

  • Got to agree with Bobinott, sounds like fun, bbbbuuuuuuuttttttt!
    Sounds to me like something happened during the swap and the choice was made. I can easily see AC, and the heater maybe if you live in a warm climate, but wipers! if you dig around in his pile of parts I bet you could find the wiper assembly ready to go. They just forgot to install it and didn't want to remove the engine to reinstall them.

  • Don't be such a wimp. Just apply some Rain X to the windshield once a month. Wipers? We don't need no stinking wipers!

    • May not need them, but TX DPS is real funny about cars that don't pass inspection being on the roadways. No pass inspection, no tags. 😎

  • I live in RI, you definitely need wipers to pass inspection. I do not see a inspection sticker in the window, so this owner is driving around without an inspection sticker. If caught, he will need to have it inspected within 5 days or pay penalty and lose registration.

    • He could be driving around in a different state with RI plates. I know a guy with cars that won't pass inspection to get stickers, but he lives outta state, so no problem.

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