• Not my thing, but definitely different. Something to keep in mind with these is that body parts are not only hard to find, but insanely expensive. Some friends have one of these and my wife accidentally backed into one of the rear fenders and it was a nightmare to get fixed.

  • “ 4 speed heavy duty electronically controlled automatic transmission with overdrive; just had transmission rebuilt (has about 200 miles on it, comes with a 1 yr warranty or 12k miles warranty). Total miles on the SSR are 106K,”

    So the heavy duty transmission lasted 106k miles and the cooling system needed an upgrade?
    What sort of driving does that? Surely not towing something. Towing capacity is 2,500 lbs , cargo capacity is two fat guys and 30 cases of beer.
    Any chance that 106 thousand miles of burnouts lead to the divorce?

  • I never did 'get' these. And wow, that engine is definitely going to be a trick to access. Interesting to see that someone knocked down that many miles with one though. Pick this one up and whip your neighbor in his Plymouth Prowler.

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