• Minor title correction, this is a 56. The biggest mistake Studebaker made was to build the 53-54 sedans on a different frame than the long low coupes. This is based on the sedan's shorter wheelbase and taller profile. Poor sales of the sedans forced them to change the sheetmetal on the front and rear to mimic Chevy and Ford. The 56 sedans look better than the 57 or 58's IMO. There are new patch panels available for the typical Studebaker rust behind the front fender on both sides. The inline six will get you 30-40HP extra with a few improvements, at best. A V-8 is the way to go, and true old school would be a Studebaker V-8. There are lots of parts and kits still available, and it can be installed with a few minor modifications to this car.

    • Ah! You are right. Not sure what was going on in my brain there.

      Though I love the Stude sixes (except maybe the OHV), the 289 is the way to go. That's what my old GT Hawk had and I loved that motor.

  • I just came back from a 3 week visit with my daughters who live in Portland. As many already know it is a Mecca for very cool cars and motorcycles. This car was parked 3 houses down from the airbnb I was staying at. It looks even much cooler in person. It is hard to walk even a couple of blocks without seeing cars I have not seen back east in decades. Like the Toyota Land Cruiser only repair shop with over 35 vehicles parked around the place awaiting repair. I have not seen 35 Land Cruisers with current registrations in 10 years in VT. PNW rocks with old crocks.

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