• Well, if you win the auction you will never need to look for any spare parts to keep one on the road. The "no VIN" thing is probably the biggest drawback, although the auction says "VINs not yet assigned". Huh???? I would love to hear the backstory on these, as well as what administrative hoops are possible. Any ideas out there in DT-Land?

    I was mildly excited when I read that these were located in Ontario. Then I realized it was that "other" Ontario, the one in California. Maybe as a resident of the Ontario in Canuckistan, I can apply for dual citizenship? Although maybe dual citizenship is not a great idea at the moment…

    • These were brought over sans-powertrain to be converted to electric by an "OE" and given a VIN after the conversion and certification but the company went bust before they were able to finish the job.

      Check out this link for further info.

      The above link is just one company, but with the geographic dispersion of these things (I've seen them pop up in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and CA) there may have been more companies trying to do the same out there.

    • Thanks for the electric vehicle confirmation, that's what I thought when I saw this listing, have some vague recollection of this.

    • @Bobinott – I can only speculate that you'd have to go through your local DMV and register it as a kit car – and have it pass through your local state's emissions/safety inspections (if they exist).

      In some states – I can speak only for Arkansas – kit car registration is incredibly easy. I see tube-frame dune buggies and hunting rigs registered and driving on the streets legally all the time.

      I did a quick google and found this about registering "gliders" which is technically what these things are:


  • for $4.02 each, you got a lotta options – personally, i'd be thinking about sculptures involving a large water cutter and inconspicuous welding – or, stack em like masonry and build a garage

  • Set them up to tow behind your current vehicle and use them as luxurous (4) place Uber/Lyft cars with tons of trunk space. Link three or four of them together and start your own amusement park ride. I do like El Jefe's idea of using them as the ultimate 4 place soap box derby cars. Wonder how they'd do on a bobsled run?

  • I'm surprised if stayed cheap, buy a couple for lemons/chump racing…have parts for years. I would think one would not even have to add "flair". The shape and name are goofy enough. " I really don't like to talk about my flair".

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