• Love how some people park their cars in scenic spots or use props/models to show them off.

    Take this one for instance.

    Dirty rags in at least 2 shots. Shows he works on cars! (and leaves rags laying on the engine…hmm…)

    But the line of porta-johns photobombing the background?

    How subtle can you get?

    "Drive this baby and you'll be welcomed at all the best outhouses"

    -Stan (yeah…*that* Stan…)

    • I am no longer clear if I come here to look at the cars or to sit in the balcony and joke.
      [image src=" vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/jadensadventures/images/4/43/Statler_waldorf_02_01.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20121013052746" width="400px"/]

  • …"talk to the dude with the wheels if you want them…"!!! What? So, is this sitting somewhere on blocks? Four rollers? The wheels are at one of those "buy-her, pay-here" tire and wheel stores and they got repossessed? What's the story on that? I like the overall look of this, though.

  • That headlight alignment is sort of comical.

    Reminds me of my uncle who ran the one lap of america a few times FWIW who used to set up all his cars with one driving light pointed way up high to light up overhead road signs. He also had a set of kill switches to turn off all the lights individually. The 914/6 I inherited from him was set up so that you could turn the license plate light off or even switch the taillights from red to orange by swapping the turn/brake/tail lights.
    It was even wired for airplane landing lights.

    This on the other hand just seems a bit sloppy.

    Hmm, NY ( use them anywhere but NY! ) plates in FLA? , a good sign that this is hard to register and drive in the same state for some reason.

    • Hugh, any guy who takes the time to individually wire all of the running lights in his car is OK in my book.

      -Stan (the irreverent but somehow still obstreperous Stan…)

    • Yeah, but there was a learning curve, some of the toggle switches were more than normal level idiosyncratic, like the individual headlight motor switches so that you could turn the headlights on but one or both would stay in the illuminate the interior of the front trunk mode. Did I mention that none of them were marked? Also the extra odometer that runs backwards is a conversation piece. And a trailer hitch for towing a tiny trailer with an extra set of wheels with autocross tires.

      Whatever happened to the other "nominal" Stan?

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