• I reluctantly bailed out of 25 years of G1 Legend ownership because Acura totally abandoned parts support. I imagine the Vigor would be an even bigger nightmare. Nevertheless, it's a nice car and I hope it finds a good home…

    • If they've abandoned parts support for these slightly older vehicles, that is indeed sad news.

      I can still get Volvo sheet metal for my '66 122s.

  • Drove one of these when they first came out and it's from the era when Honda/Acura really had it going. This is an enormous amount of car for the money.

    • +1 I had one for a number of years. It's not a standout on paper, but did everything well. Last daily I've owned with great outward visibility. Ran the engine almost completely out of oil before I realized the rear main seal was puking it out almost as fast as I could put it in. Still ran great when I traded it in a few years later. Nevery would have guess

  • My brother had a manual one of these and I had a few turns behind the wheel. The 5cyl had a beautiful note and plenty of go, it was a really sweet machine.

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