• I've had the Row52 app for quite a while now, and LKQ appears to do the same thing, just with locations that are 1000+ miles away from me. Row52 isn't tied to one company, so there's more available in the Northwest and mountain states, which appear to be completely devoid of LKQ locations.

  • Cory: thanks for sharing this with all of us junkyard scrounging DT-heads. I've already created an account and garage on the LKQ site. Hoping to score some good rare Volvo bits from "fresh kills" right as they come into the yards.

    uteking: LKQ is definitely late to the game for this. In Northern CA the Row52 app seems to cover all the major yards (which are not owned by LKQ). I've been jealous of my Nor-Cal brethren for years now. Glad to see LKQ has finally stepped up to provide something similar. They seem to have bought most of the yards in the LA metro area so at least there's broad coverage.

  • Nice post, on one of my favourite subjects. Like many of you, I take great pleasure in hunting in the recycling centres. Up here in Ontario, we don't seem to have reached the level of sophistication that I am seeing in your row52 and LKQ PYP. But my local yard, which is part of Standard Auto Parts has an online inventory for the U-Pull yard, so that helps. They also are very well organized, with the various makes clustered. Heck, they even make some effort to clear snow for easier access in winter! I am pleased to say that my 30-something son is also getting the bug, as he keeps his 2005-2007 Focuses (Foci?) in nice shape on a budget.

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