• 83 and 84 were the years
    things that were critical to the H/O only… tailfin… as you can see still has the ends, common to lose; front air dam.. .hard to see if all 3 pcs there; badges (on header, i can see that one); hood scoop; original air cleaner had chrome lid…. think there were a couple more badges
    83 was black with silver bottom, 84 was silver with black bottom…… t-tops are the best to get even if leak!

  • Thanks for the correction on the years. Man, I was all over the place with the dates.

    T-Tops are definitely the way to go. I mean, don't all G-body cars flex anyway?

  • no problemo… you guys do an awesome job… btw you noted 84 and 84 instead of 83-84…. i you were in canada (i am) i would attribute it to turkey day hangover

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