• E38 w/stick was top of my list, none found in months of searching. But I don’t know if I would have gone for this one. How much to bring it back close to stock? Wheels, springs, exhaust. Is that paint color real? Interior? Where did the engine come from? 200k New England miles on the body. A lot of little projects undercoated by uncertainty.

    All that said, sorely tempting. A big, fast, comfortable classic with a stick, lights up all my indicators.

  • Those great big rims and tiny little tires ( WTF is the point of that anyway?) and the backwoods unpaved location of the photos just scream "not the usual habitat of this car" although the cement mixer and excavator in that one photo suggests that pavement is in the future. This suggests so many interesting stories.

    The Yale professor owner just moved from the land of pavement to this house and realizes that 3/4 inch sidewall height is contextually inappropriate.

    The owner is a small town lawyer that took this car in lieu of cash from a drug dealer client.

    The owner is a small town drug dealer that took this car in lieu of cash from a lawyer client.

    The car was stolen and when the police found it the wheels had been changed like this.

    What I thought was an excavator in the background is actually a zombie proof RV , so when you combine the two they average out to a statistically normal motor pool. ( Yale statistics prof ? )

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