• These are incredible road machines…120" wheelbase, only 4" shorter than an original Buick Electra 225 (225" long). The floor in the front is flat enough that you can run the electric front seat as far back as it will go and curl up on the floor for a nap!
    This was the "Sporty" Cadillac. Sporty meaning it had only two doors and hide-away headlights.
    As a 'kid' working in gas stations in the early '70s (when we still checked oil for customers), the early Eldo and Toro hoods were the monsters of all time. One never truly appreciates how big those things are until you try to raise one up to full extension!
    Hit the interstate with a big cigar, a glass of your best adult beverage (no one cared in the '60s) and set the cruise for "floored" and you owned the road baby!
    All that, and they go through the snow like nobody's bidness.
    (Actually had a lady get mad at me when I installed her snow tires on the front wheels of her brand new Toronado! She was furious that I was so stupid. After trying to explain to her that her brand new car had front wheel drive (hence the big flat floor), and even showed her a little standing brake burnout that the front wheels do the work. She wouldn't have any part of it. She wasn't going to look STUPID with those tires on the front of her beautiful car. We put her regular tires back on the rims, remounted them, charged her nothing and said 'fare well'. Never saw her again. Probably ran off the road during a snow storm. But hey….those days are gone, but not forgotten.)

  • Just dropped in to make the obligatory Pablo Picasso comment "girls would turn the color of an avocado when he would drive down the street in his El Dorado" . but that swimming pool interior seems more David Hockney.

  • In the under the hood shot , WTF is this thing?

    [image src=" addresszero.com/wtf.jpg" width="400px"/]

    Looks like the hydraulic pump for a convertible top or something. Knowing the crazy engineering on Cadillac it almost makes sense but not quite. Can we get an ad hoc what the hell is that thing in the picture anyway quiz going here?

    • I think you are right


  • Wonder if a color change would explain the odd combo of exterior and interior colors. The dour, metallic grey seems pretty modern for a 51 year old Caddy.

    • I Found a site down under that has the '67 Caddy interior and exterior colors. It looks like this car is either Regal Silver Metallic or Crystal Firemist Metallic.

  • I know not all of you guys are bike nerds however my friend has a Titanium and celeste bike that reminds me a lot of this Caddys color combo. I love it. Wouldn't change a thing with this car.
    [image src=" c1.staticflickr.com/7/6036/6364096993_5691bbd767_b.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • I have a multiple carbon bikes, but always wanted a Ti bike. Always been on the fence about Bianchi's signature color though…

  • I knew a guy who got his scout stuck in the middle of nowhere in the Idaho wilderness. driftbooze cruising stoners in a mid seventies model Eldo pulled him out of the drift. He was pretty embarrassed, I'm shocked he even told me.

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