• My first car was a 1966 Rambler 220 wagon – which bore only a passing resemblance to this one. Mine had an anemic 232ci 6 with 3 on the tree, and zero options – but then it cost $13,800 less than the one listed. I lived out of that car for 5 months during an epic road trip in the summer and fall of 1980, and limped it along for another year or so after that before selling it to the knacker. By the end the front end was a tire-eating mass of spaghetti, the radiator was looking a bit toothless, the engine drank nearly as much oil as gas, and the brakes could only be relied on when traveling slowly uphill. But hey, the vacuum wiper actually worked after the right side arm broke off.

    I drove it from about 90K to 120K during a time when I could barely afford the gas to keep it going. Not too bad for a $200 car.

    – John

    Re: the 440 listed here – lose the splashy wheels – otherwise, not bad. Way too expensive, but a nice looking example of the species.

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