• My late brother-in-law (who lived in Indiana) swapped a Buick 3.8 Turbo along with the entire front suspension cradle that it came with into the rear/mid section of his Fiero. I drove the car before it was dialed in and it was full of torque-filled fun. Still more of a straight line car than a twisty road car, but the package was pretty slick. Miss him, but I'd rather put a V8 in the back of a Corvair.

  • Huns, the suspension on the '88s is totally different than earlier Fieros.

    Really makes a difference.

    Superchargers made those 6's outperform stock Corvettes of the same vintage (which is why GM killed them).


  • Too bad it's gone; that sounds like a fun ride. My DD is a Buick Regal with the same motor and a slushbox. In a lighter car with a 5 speed, that should really scoot.

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