• It needs a fan shroud. Without the shroud, it won't pull enough air through that fancy new radiator to keep the engine at the right temp.

  • GM offered the big engined V8s in wagons so that the Dad's could enjoy at least a semblance of power when they were alone in the car, or needed to make a point by mashing down on the loud pedal when he needed to let everyone in the car know he was pissed off! Or, was that just my dad?!
    Then, when their kids were old enough to drive it, there was always one smartazz who would flip the lid on the air cleaner over, to get a little more air and a whole lot more noise out of it when he'd the floor in mid-1st gear to generate some amazing, if only momentary, shock and awe to some unsuspecting (unimproved) small block driver. Or, was that just me?! Big block wagons haul the family and provided a generation with some of the best drive-in memories ever!
    Yeah, friends felt sorry for us, until we revealed the benefits of long roof ownership. Even at $0.43/gallon, they were more expensive to drive, but the big blocks definitely offset for any inconvenience or lack of cool.

    • This is the exact year, model and color combo of the car I took my driver's license test in and enjoyed many late night shenanigans with.
      [image src=" stationwagonforums.com/forums/media/1971-buick-estate-wagon.244/full?d=0" width="600px"/]

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