• I try to drive mine on the nice days. My only problem is people don't see me and if they do they figure that their bigger car wins. But there are some curvy roads that make all that go away.

    • I daily an ND and the bigger vehicle intimidate/squeeze in front of you thing happens all the time here in the Seattle area. It started to really bug me, but now I'm just thankful that I'm driving a Miata instead of some SUV or monster truck…

    • I once saw a Lotus Seven driving with a big yellow/orange flag on a flexible post…sort of like something you'd see on a motorized wheelchair. I can only assume it was for improved visibility, but a Lotus 7 makes a Miata look like a Monster truck…so I get it!

  • The guy representing the sale of the car is called the "car angle"
    He helps people sell there cars locally and the vehicles are usually pretty awesome and well kept.
    His place is right next to my kids school, I chat it up with him once and a while.

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