• I would assume the smooth aluminum valve covers from a 3.8 would go right on a 4.2. Gives it a much more timeless look than these. Cause it is a damn good looking engine, oh and the sound. I love at a vintage race seeing a pack of mustangs, camaros and 'vettes, and somewhere in the middle of all those pissed off V8's is just the smoothest sound emanating from a gorgeous e-type.

  • It would make a great book or article to find these "creative" thinkers, or close friends/relatives, and simply ask what their motivation was in creating such splendifforously odd-ball items that bring wonder, and varying degrees of fear of insanity, and or chemical issues, for said creator.

  • So is that a Jagmouth or a Plymuar?

    And I agree with Kilgore, the sound of a Jag 6 is sublime. I owned a Mark 2 sedan for a few years, and had fitted a Stebro stainless dual exhaust. When it came up on the cams, there was no sound like it.

  • I remember reading many years ago of a guy who had transplanted a 425 Buick into a Jaguar MkX. He said he'd done it not for power, but to get A/C which worked, and power steering which didn't blow the pump every time you parked the car. The fact that it would lay rubber in second gear was just a nice side effect.

    He was left with a 4.2 litre Jaguar engine – which he transplanted into a Chevy pickup. Apparently the torque curve was almost identical at the bottom, but the Jag redline was 1000 rpm higher.

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