• That hook is set in my mouth.had the very car………small bumpers! yikes! Original blue plates! Yikes!

  • Lots of room for bargaining price on this one! Sheepskins are probably covering cracked/split leather, $12.99 PepBoys wheel covers, the dent above the badge in front of the right rear wheel and the spiral cracks in the paint, are all going to bargain with.
    I'd say take a fist full of cash and a second driver (to drive your other car home), make a reasonable offer, own the car and drive/enjoy as is.
    Don't spend a ton of money trying to make it perfect, save that for the next owner.
    Or, find the bits/pieces for cheap and flip it after enjoying it for the summer.
    (Not real sure what months that is now given all the changes in weather patterns).

  • I’m so old I can remember when you could buy a nice Ferrari for $5000. Had a choice between a 61 300SL roadster and a Maserati 3500 convertible for $2000 of hard earned lawn mowing money. Silly me went for the Maserati.

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