• Maybe if I was a down on my luck, womanizing, used-car salesman. Perhaps to follow a funeral procession in the hopes of unloading it on the recently bereaved.

  • Did they ever figure out how to keep them from leaking?
    Also back when these were newish cars they had a reputation for the Bosch ABS systems needing replacement at $5000 . Repeatedly. I wonder how much it costs to source and replace the brakes 25 years later.

  • My wealthy bachelor uncle had one. It went through two digital dashes and several other electrical problems before he gave up on it. If this one is sorted out, its a deal.

  • One car I don't ever want, don't ever want to be seen in, don't ever want to be seen near.

    Exactly everything GM got wrong in that decade.

    And yes, I've even driven one. And it wasn't horrible. But it also wasn't remotely competitive with those vehicles it HAD to compete with.

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