• Prices have already shot up in just the past couple years. Remember Doug Malkewicki's one-owner car? It went for a song ($6700 in 2013). Now you're lucky to find a solid driver for $9k. The later 2.0L cars are approaching $20k. We're too late!!!1!

  • If that is original paint, the car appears to be in outstanding rust-free condition. For me, that makes this deal interesting. Currently-not-running status however makes it a significant risk. This would be a tough one. Does the "2.0 kitted" engine affect value, vs an actual original 2.0 car?

  • I've always been a fan of these. The lines are perfectly simple and I dig the minimalist interior. Black on black please… with a dash of panache.

    [image src=" porschemania.it/discus/messages/634/735865.jpg" width="400px"/]

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