• ~ Leave the six-banger alone !
    I had a '66 440 H/T with 199, and 3spd. threw the driveshaft countless times until my buddy slipped a 4spd behind it and aligned everything. Loved that AMC.
    Also had a '64 American convert w/ 196.5 flathead six. Unbelievably simple cars!

  • In 1969 AMC and Hurst (not Linda) teamed up to make the SC/Rambler, a limited production 14 second drag car right off the showroom floor-and for less than $3000. Other than the fact that they were Ramblers, I dont know why these didnt fly off the Dealers' lots. AMC 390 V8 with 315 hp , 4 speed , Posi rearend and front discs.

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