• I did the same trip in reverse two years ago, except the 510 rally car in Bremerton turned out to be way too rusty. Ended up buying a Fiat 124 convertible that hadn't seen the road in 5 years and driving that back to SF. Broke down a bunch, hitchhiked for parts in Oregon, but I made it. Turned out I should have checked the title more closely; it was a 77 not a 75. Drove her around a bit and then donated her before the smog Gestapo showed up at my door.

    Sometimes its fun creating your own Top Gear episode with a one way ticket, $1500, and a few days with zero obligations. Cruising an old Italian convertible in the middle of winter through the mountains on I5 with a coughing carb and a bad exhaust leak (top down the whole way) was pretty entertaining and terrifying.

  • I did Seattle to LA in a 1984 Volvo Diesel (240) wagon a couple years ago. I bought it sight unseen from a gentleman in Olympia, drove it around Seattle for a few days, picked up a friend at the airport, and we cruised back south over the next 3 days. It was entertaining for different reasons…terrifying sometimes trying to merge with traffic having only 75hp on tap…but we made it in comfort and averaged about 13mpg. The experience alone was almost worth the price, but now I have a smog exempt wagon shell that's waiting for a slightly more exciting powertrain.

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