• But…but…the Neiman Marcus motorsports legacy has got to be worth something…right? It is so rare that the wikipedia 11th gen T-bird article doesn't even mention the NM connection.

  • Agreed. It's a pretty good lookin' ride, but 250-ish HP for a V8 in a limited platform is a disappointment. The black with the silver top does look sharp. Could care less about the "Needless Markup" badge.

  • I have to admit that this is a really pretty car. The silver top makes the silver windshield frame seem more of a piece with the rest of the car and the added chrome is just right. Ford could have made the T Bird work if they had limited production instead of selling or more likely leasing as many as they could build and in two years having the market full of off lease cars to compete with.

    There was an interesting interview with a Porsche manager where he said that Porsche always builds less than they can sell to avoid this problem. It seems like such a simple idea.

  • This is going to make a retired real estate agent really happy driving to the golf course.

    What I like about it is that is was designed by J Mays. One can see the early 2000s Audi/VW influence in his design.
    It is too bad that the really good designers usually get hired as big wig design managers and don't pen cars anymore.

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