• I’ve had three and the first two had the IMS bearing replaced. The fourth…ehh. It’s got 85k on the original bearing and I got over the paranoia about 3 seconds after I matted to go pedal for the first time. But I’m easy like that. These ‘99 cars had their M96 built with the allegedly more robust, thicker single row (I think that’s correct??) bearing so the marginal consensus seems to favor their longevity. LSD and cable throttle FTW too.

    These are Just. Too. Fun. Same price range as a Boxster but so much better looking, IMO.

    • Correct idea, but it's actually the '99 model year's dual row IMS that's the robust one. The later single row had more of a load burden, that lead to failure more often.

    • Thank you for that! I have the same problem with Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney…doesn’t matter how many times I look it up I’m always mixing them up.

      So, there was the original dual row, then the crappy single row, then the beefier single row?? I replaced it on my 2002 when the AOS turned my tailpipe into a defensive weapon straight out of Q branch, but I was later informed that I likely didn’t need to since the better single row had been implemented by then. Regardless, spend the 3k for the whole “mandatory” IMS/RMS/Sachs clutch kit and you’ll never worry. As for the radio not working, the thing sucks anyway so whatever. Better sounding replacement systems are dirt cheap these days anyhow.

  • Doc has it right. ‘99 is the 996 to buy due to larger IMS, no drive-by-wire, and price of admission. But keep it quiet — I’m looking for one soon.

  • Honestly, given the trade he is looking for, the seller will likely have to bring cash. Tacos are bringing some serious coin these days.

  • The one I really want is the rare x51 package. I think I missed the boat on getting one on the cheap. Prices are going up.

    • Tru dat. No one is letting an x51 go on the cheap unwittingly. That other site even makes a point to include the x51 in the listing title.

  • I was searching for the perfect 996 before I bought my M5. I actually wanted it more than the BMW.
    There is a site called first flat six that I think only features the 996.
    Flat Six
    I wanted to put a ducktail and some other retro styling on one. I still lust after them. Some day……

  • This was my ad, ended up selling it for $7,000 after dealing with months of flakey buyers. It's surprisingly hard to find someone who (1) wants a 996 (2) wants a bit of a project and (3) has the cash. If you're in that position there are actually a lot of these cars available in this price range.

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