• Hopefully the tasteless mods can be removed. Good luck with that price with them on the car. To me they knock 5k off the ask.

    • I have a special tool to remove those Tree�� insmellorator things ( except for the black ice ones – need a hazmat suit for them) if you buy this you could flip it for big bucks. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

    • Other end of the spectrum $300 Miata
      I'm not scared

      P.S when ever I do two post in a row I feel like K2. Can I be the new K2? Probably not. My tastes are not eclectic enough.

    • Is K2 in witness protection? IRA safe house? Gitmo?

      I especially enjoy our new collegian’s perspective on “tasteful mods”… I really don’t understand kids these days.

    • Seems to have gone quiet since march 2017

      I really liked his station wagon / shooting brake blog


  • Slightly imperfect cars with some mileage on them on the sweet spot of the value curve are the best to buy. As long as there is evidence of maintenance and care, I purchase and drive guilt free.

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