• Because it it too difficult to take an actual picture.

    Maybe he should have a picture taken with someone's gross looking finger blocking the front of the car. You never know who will look up your plate and come to your house to steal your ride. In fact We should all start covering our license plates with giant finger stickers for when we are driving around. Someone might read it on the road or in a parking lot.

  • I love the "testing the waters" guys. You have to imagine there are a lot of hurt people out there when they find their "mods" have actually made their car worth less (or worthless).

  • Do we need to assume that, as with every 'not actual' photo on the internet, reality is something closer to this?

    [img] i.imgur.com/UeH7Tqy.jpg[/img]

  • It's the facebook generation, man. "Here's my face (after 4 hours with a professional makeup and hair person), my vacation picture (we actually fought the whole trip and I was in the bathroom bawling most of the time) and here is my perfect family (I threatened my kids with death if they didn't smile) and here's my lovely house (This was the one time it was clean in the last 10 years which is why I have a pic) and here's my awesome car (well it looks like this. sorta)

  • Hmm, the Nigerian naira must be doing well if ₦1,000,000 NGN is converting to $6000 USD instead of the $2351 it usually does in these ads. I wonder how much shipping from Alaska would be.

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