• Hi my name Sean and I too have lust for the Milano 75.
    [image src=" cdn.bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/1987-ALfa-Romeo-75-Milano-Autodelta-Race-Car-For-Sale-Front.jpg" width="400px"/]
    My only issue is the side trim that makes the car look broken at the c pillar. In fact the the way the trim flows from panel to panel is funky.

  • Now there is a seller that knows how to show mileage (100,002 miles), bot like that Volvo 1800 guy the other day, who was 3 miles short of 300,000. With a milestone in sight, I say "Go for it!".

    Now, onto this car. Wow, dare I call this a bargain? Looks clean and claims to be well maintained by a marque fan. If one of these is on your list, get thee to San Fran!

  • Very nice car. Like all Alfas these handle like slot cars and turn mundane driving into a worthwhile experience. As a benefit feature if you push the front bumper the side-mounted accordions play "Napoletana".

  • Buy it, drive it, love it. I'd caveat that with cautioning over the state of the interior before you plop down for it, but the truth is that the clean body, service history, and recent trans service make this car worth the ask alone IF the owner has proof of a relatively recent timing belt service.

    Clean Milanos are getting hard to find. Those of us who used to buy and sell them for $1,500 – $2k a pop might scoff at a nearly $4,000 2.5L car, but I think we're reaching the point where that's fair.

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