• My first Porsche was a '78 924 with a slushbox.

    Yeah, it was slow. But I loved it.

    Car had near perfect weight distribution. Handling was great (the car loves good tires).

    I paid $2,250 for it back in 1986. Bought it from a car salesman who was literally getting evicted from his apt (I discovered this as I was trying to get a hold of him). Guy needed cash, badly.

    Was a great car. Expensive parts, but fun to drive.

    For what this brown Porch costs, someone could afford to:

    1. Get a new windshield, dash and seat covers (old school wool covers?)

    2. Paint it white or Guards Red

    3. Get bigger, stickier tires.

    …and when time and budget permit:

    4. Give it a heart transplant (ie, goose the engine somehow).

    Just don't ever plan to re-sell it (unless you just do steps 1 & 2)

    -Stan (who loves front porches*)

    * front engined water cooled porches

  • Just remember that this car's odometer has only 5 digits so 40K miles might be 140..very few of the parts are interchangeable with 944 or late 924S. Don't suggest you have it serviced at a Porsche shop, better to try a VW or Audi. These cars are susceptible to leak and hard to diagnose. Buyer beware! P924S owner

  • I like to think that the original owner of this was a working at a Hi-Fi store in 1979.
    He would wear a leather vest to work that looked good with his Tom Selleck style mustache.
    Just closed a deal on the latest Technics Stereo DC power amplifier with JBL 4312 E studio monitors. Took his commission check and bought this brown and gold beauty. Celebrated with a Chivas Regal on ice, a bump of coke and a marlboro.
    Who wouldn't want to own this piece of San Fernando history?

    • Well done. I *was* working at a HiFi store in 1980 (Tech HiFi, Ann Arbor, MI). I started as a stock guy (unloading the truck). I was putting myself through med school working this gig and at Domino's pizza (Domino's had perfect hours for a working student, they were open when classes were done).

      During those days, my VW mechanic* purchased his first brand new 924 with cash (wadded, crumpled up 100 dollar bills) from his buddy who worked at a Porsche dealership. My bud was hung over like a dog that Saturday morning, unshaven, unshowered, dirty jeans and stained T-shirt.

      He Stank.

      His buddy looked at him and said "This is the sleaziest Porsche delivery I've ever done."

      Bob said, "Wow. Thank you. Coming from you, that means a lot."

      -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

      * I drove Rabbits, an Audi 100, a Scirocco and K Ghias back then. I'd buy 'em cheap, fix 'em up, and sell them to pay for my school tuition, books and living expenses. Life was good.

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