• Needs moar forced induction. And pushrods. And carburetors. And flat-heads. And L heads. And W configurations. And radiasl. And rotaries. (insert "Boost in / Apex seals out").

    The above was tongue-in-cheek. That's a seriously awesome infographic. This will be going to all of my non-car-guys & gals.

    Thanks DT and Jacob O'Neal!

  • I like this graphic. Need to do one on an automatic transmission sometime. My current understanding goes like this:

  • This is great, but similar to all the other "how it works" stuff out there. What would really get me going is if someone included the finer details – animations showing how intake and exhaust resonance affects combustion, combustion swirl, the effect of oil sprayers inside the block, variable cam timing, dry vs. wet sump, direct injection vs. port etc etc…

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