• Return of the Narcotizing Waft

    little known fact, it was originally intended to be Revenge of the Narcotizing Waft, but this was considered too aggro

  • This colur absolutely works on a older outlaw 911 but looks really strange on a 928.
    It may be risky business buying this but what the heck, so cheap.

  • Stay away from this one. The economy repaint- cracking, no flex agent, etc. The starter fluid is a bs excuse hiding deeper issues, some explanations could be deep and disastrous. Being an auto, there is a known flexplate/thrust bearing issue that could be the cause…starter can't overcome the drag and damage of the crank eating itself into the block. If this cars flexplate has been checked yearly and adjusted then all is good. Now plan on $1000 in just parts for a full intake refresh plus another $300 to rebuild the MAF plus another $1000 just for parts to do a timing belt/waterpump job. Keep going?, 2 caps and 2 rotors = $200, sparkplug wires = $300, autozone universals don't fit worth a Damm in the stock boots, many have tried and failed. This is how these beasts become derelicts, someone can pay the admission price but can't keep the maintaNance up on a 30 year old supercar. Playing catch up on your own dime socks. Buy the best you can afford, the best money is the other guys, etc…. a well maintained example can honestly run $500-1000 maintainance a year with casual miles.

  • Wait. "Drive…every day"?

    Did your spellcheck insert "Drive" for "Repair"?

    -Stan (who shudders at the legendary unreliability of these monsters, even when they were brand new…)

    • It is this why these are affordable to those who don't believe in superstitions, (and can turn their own wrenches)…I own 2 of these beasts, a beautiful 1990 GT and a frankenstein track prepped 1979 chassis with a built 1985 block, 1984 euro heads and intake and custom cams. Many are documented on the forums pushing 200k miles. A Local guy has around 230k on his 1988. It is actually better to drive these cars than to let them sit. I would much rather at this point purchase a high miler than a 50k mile garage queen that has sat for the last 10 years…you will be replacing everything down to the tapered rear wheel bearings that flat spot…

      If you are otherwise a fan, join a forum like RL, read, educate yourself, buy an example that has been driven and maintained. Sure one year you only have brake pads and an oil change, next year a timing/belt waterpump and an aggravating electrical gremlin to hunt down that is almost always related to a dirty ground (20 ground points on a 928). So sure, not honda reliable, but most things that are fun and unique are not.. Be different don't be a lemming, remember only 61,000 were ever made over 1979-1995. GM makes 100k corvettes every year. Oh, and Stan, rember your 944 is a 928 motor cut in half… hmmmm….

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