• I'm a big fan of this Pike body style, my wife wants an S-Cargo however but we both agree the Pao is a great compromise. Problem is, some folks are less than forthcoming when asked about their cars. This was my experience. It's noteworthy that right after I wrote this I bought an auction Honda Beat that had its odo majorly rolled back and exhibiting a litany of expensive problems. Sigh.

  • The PAO came with a manual tranny option, but the Figaro didn't. I'd be curious whether anyone has swapped gearboxes between the two. A manual Figaro could be great fun I suspect…and much more in keeping with the retro theme than a slush-box. I've been thinking for 4-5 years about obtaining one for my wife.

    • These are based on the Nissan Micra. Those were sold up here in Canada at that time, so you might be able to score all the bits you need for the conversion from a Canuck Automotive Recycler (previously called a scrapyard).

  • If you drive a pike you are fishing for complements but on a coolness scale of one to ten this is an eleven. On the other hand if you go for this hook line and sinker you might be underwater.

    Ok I’ll quit my carping.

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