• DeCuzzi or ? I love the concept, wish they made one for more of a shooting brake though .. and a model for a corvette !

  • Perhaps a DeCuzzi from China or might be a Zeintop, made in either South Africa or Holland.

    Seems like a lot of drama as to the history of the design.

  • Interest! I never knew such a thing existed. Anyone know if it isremoved relatively easily? Does the softtop still live beneath? Really improves the lines of those cars for me. I was never crazy about how they looked, but this could be a nice trade off. Slick looks most days, but still a convertible when the mood strikes.

  • Hokey Smokes, that is a great looking mod.

    Every Boxter would benefit from this.

    -Stan (…yeah, *that* Stan…)

  • No one had ever assembled a vehicle that would go even remotely near used car dealerships those velocities", Elford included.

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