• Okay kids, do you have your "Bad Decision Checklist" out?
    Not running, check.
    Rare, foreign and impossible to get parts for, check.
    No title, check.
    Needs work, check.
    If this is not the EMBODIMENT of run, run away, quickly – – I'm not sure what is.

    • It's not 'run away'. It's 'offer $1200, strip it and sell the decent stuff to the other three desperate Bitter owners in the US, then run it in Lemons.'.

    • Hey, don't forget, this has a common high-volume passenger car for the greasy bits, so how hard can it be to source vintage Opel Senator parts…oh…wait…

    • Off-brand Metamucil. Which will likely come in handy for the next owner.

      MrK has the master plan. No fail.

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