• Trash the vanity plate and enjoy! I looks really nice and is the perfect color.
    The engine compartment is the scariest thing I have seen in a while.

    • Speaking on a cell phone in a 1976 XJS, in 1982 Oklahoma, was accomplished by radio telephone rather than cell phone. They looked pretty similar to what is shown in the picture. If that one is contemporary to 1991 it might very well be a radio phone.
      Noticing that the drivers corner of the hood is not closed, it was typical of many of these,that because the hood is so heavy,if you don't close it by gently lowering it onto the rear closers and then pushing gently down on first one side, then the other to latch it, they frequently fail to engage one side or the other and the hood runs the risk of getting warped. (Or, so I was told at the time)

    • The holes cut in the hood for vents are sort of the (things you don't want to see there) in the punchbowl.

      And that plate "GRR8CAT"?
      Thankfully not an indicator of a V8 swap.
      Maybe it belongs to Tony the Tiger and that's a suitcase full of frosted flakes to offer to passing schoolchildren?

      Too bad about the holes in the hood and the rack on the back, worst return on money spent ever. Otherwise it is sort of appealing and the phone is a nice period curiosity.

  • Wait. A Jag V12…

    Are we turning the engine into a coffee table, and the tranny into a Christmas ornament?


    So, an automotive sculpture on display in the driveway?

    There's a reason this beast has a mint interior…

    …it's hardly ever on the road!


    -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

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