• This is an odd case for sure. Hagarty's is showing that the value of these has jumped massively in the last couple of years, with typical values in the $30K-$50K range. This particular car looks nice from the photos, but things can be very different in reality. The seller seems to know very little about this car (unsure about original paint – that usually is not too hard to figure out). That pea-hole air filter can't be helping things. Oh, and then there is the mystery transmission. Can you hear the alarms ringing in my head?

    Oh, and thanks for the "U", DT. Nice touch. As a reward, here is your favourite, a Mark IX saloon racer:

    [img] big-jags.de/jags/bigjags_bilder/catwalk/mk9_balken01_2.jpg[/img]

  • The morning you wake up and say, "Oh shit, I am old" is the day you shop for one of these maiden aunt crocks.

    This is NOT Inspector Morse's Jag Mark 2 saloon.

    These cars have always been fodder for rotting behind gas stations, used for banger racing and otherwise unloved old technology even then.

    It is mind blowing to read that Hagerty has these valued so high. But then theories exist about why they may want to inflate values by using a real number, but not the much lower equally real numbers.

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