• I get sea-sick just looking at this thing. Seriously, my muscle memory cuts in and I can feel the seems-like-a-full-second delay between steering input and vehicle reaction. None the less, if this is original as claimed, my hat is off to anyone who owned and cared for it over the years.

  • Not to nit pick, but these cars were not body on frame but "unbody".

    Our family owned a 1972 Dodge Monaco wagon back in the day. With good dampers and tires they drove quite nicely. If you bought it, where would you park it?

  • As the predecessor of the Chrysler "stow-and-go" compartments in their mini-vans, this wagon appears to have the optional grab-n-go handles on the back, perfect for the family with two too many kids, or those with their own secret service detail following in a second car.

    • Yep, I was the 2nd highest bidder & even went to see it. He's also got it on Hemmings for $16K. I call BS on the $5K spent on replacing the expendable items. Had I known he was gonna flip it so fast I may have bid higher.

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