• My first bike was a Honda Twinstar 200cc…great learner.

    Even brought it with me when I moved out to California. Its light weight meant it was prone to wander a bit in a strong breeze.

    I remember my first (and last) time riding across the Golden Gate bridge in "light winds"… I was going straight, leaning all the way over to compensate for the wind almost scraping the pegs, and STILL was slowly sliding over into oncoming traffic.

    Fun times.

    -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

    • RD350/ported/piped/K81/Klotz and me@ l30lbs. One fast/buzzy ride back then, and any 350/400 was a good size bike overall. Learned on my CT70 as a kid. Loved surprising the 'old-guys'(anyone over 30)on like Honda CB750's and such. Torque curve of El Capitan.

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