• I see lots of these, and they baffle me. Saab made some of the stiffest chassis of the era, and they turned many of them into a flobby mess by chopping the roof off. I recall helping with a 900 turbo lemons/chumpcar that was rolled about as frequently as a particular one of the drivers got behind the wheel. We pretty much just rolled it back over and it kept going fine. It had a roof, though.

    Can't do this with a roof, though: youtube.com/watch?v=qhToYJMMDw0

  • These are very nice driving cars with a stick. Converts are a matter of taste. This is the headcheese of SAAB cold cuts.

    But, SAAB gets kudos galore for making the numbers in sequence! No random number searches when trying to provenance for Amelia Island or Pebble Beach.

    Them Swedes got their shoes on the right feet alright.

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