• You see, a 1954 date of manufacture is how you sidestep the EPA entirely. VW needs to title all those Jettas and Golfs as Korean War era product. That was their mistake. They just needed to provide a 50-year warranty from the date on the title, and they'd be good.

    Now, as far as this thing goes…it looks like a much better option than so many of those '70s RVs with 2×2 fir box structures, but man, a 4BT? You'll do 45-50mph everywhere, uphill, downhill, up the face of Mt Whitney, doesn't matter, 45-50mph.

    Needs an ISB.

  • Imagine my surprise when I saw the Gerstenslager name on this behemoth. Back in the 70's I drove one of their Bookmobiles for the Dallas Public Library, a 40 footer that was a real challenge, especially to parallel park (yes we had two stops that required it). They were extremely durable well put together trucks, and if this one has half the build quality, it should be a real bargain.
    Have fun

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